Can you believe we’re already at the end of May? You know what that means, summer is almost here! If you live in the UK like me, we tend to get 2 weeks of summer if we’re lucky. Regardless, the sun is finally starting to make an appearance and whether we’re enjoying the sun from home or hopping on a plane to hotter climates, we can’t forget about our bodycare!

We talk a lot over here about skincare, makeup and beauty products for the neck up but what about the rest of our bodies? It is easy to neglect that portion of your body when we spend the majority of the year covered up trying to keep warm. From prep to finishing touches, I’m here to tell you my favourite body products to have your skin looking nourished, hydrated and glowing!

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A crucial step in my body care routine is exfoliating. Not only does this help to shift dead skin cells and dry skin, leaving your skin feeling and looking visibly smoother but as a serial false tanner, I generally have to scrub my entire body once a week to remove any remaining tan ready to apply a fresh layer. I can write a blog post on my tan routine too if you’d like? I then follow with shaving, body wash, body cream/oil depending on my mood, you know the drill.

OUAI | Body Scrub

I mentioned this in my Best In Beauty March post as I have been obsessing over the St. Barts line by OUAI. This scalp & body scrub smells like a pina colada by the beach. It does a great job at effectively exfoliating without irritating the skin like some harsh scrubs can.

KATE SOMMERVILLE | Resurfacing Body Scrub

This triple action body scrub combines physical, chemical and enzymatic exfoliation to slough off dead skin cells, polish bumpy spots, and transform dullness to reveal smooth, glowing skin. A scrub I gravitate to when my skin needs a little extra help.


We layer on the skincare on our face but often forget to do the same on our bodies. I have quite the selection of body creams depending on what my skin needs at the time/finish I want. I like to have a super nourishing one that locks in the moisture, one that is fast absorbing for times I’m in a hurry, as well as one with a shimmer/sheen to it for if I plan on having any limbs on show! Here are some favourites below.

OUAI | St Barts Body Cream

Another from the OUAI St. Barts collection and my current body cream of choice. When I say I want to smell of this and this only, I mean it.

Sticky creams are a no no from me. I love that it absorbs quickly meaning you can apply, put your clothes on and go!

CAUDALIE | Vinotherapist Body Butter

Another favourite body cream, this one by Caudalie is super nourishing and again non sticky feeling. It is one of my favourites for applying before self tanning on areas such as; knees, ankles, elbows and wrists.

Equally I find keeps skin hydrated and in my experience helps prolong the wear of tan/helps it fade nicer.


I love the almost whipped, rich like texture that this body moisturiser has. It melts effortlessly into the skin and works to soothe dry, chapped skin, creating a soft protective layer on the skin.

I am almost out of my tub of this and I love how the minimalist packaging looks in my bathroom too!

FENTY | Whipped Oil Body Cream

This unique formula goes from a whipped rich cream and melts into an oil, leaving skin feeling and looking smooth and glowing.

The limited edition warm cinnamon one, infused with a gold shimmer and smells as good as it sounds and is my favourite for that added glow. If you find it in stock anywhere grab it whilst you can!


Body oils are always a treat. I like to use a nourishing oil in the colder months when my skin needs some extra help, leading up to summer months or as an extra pamper. In the summer I like a dry oil either without or with a shimmer for that extra dose of glow, especially gorgeous if you are out on holiday on an evening and catching the golden hour sun! I love how a dry oil doesn’t leave you feeling slippy or sticky to touch.

VIEVE | Bath And Body Oil

I can’t get enough of their Bathleisure range, from the shower gel and candle to the body oil. The scent is a unique signature blend of uplifting neroli notes, luxuriously rich amber tones, and the enveloping warmth of santal.

I have yet to try in a bath but the oil is lovely as a massage oil or for extra nourishment and glow for the skin.

NUXE | Huile Prodigieuse Or Floral

A recent launch by Nuxe brings us the Huile Prodigieuse Or Floral, a rose gold shimmer version of their iconic dry oil. I already adore Nuxe’s oils and the scents, though this one has more floral notes.

The pearlescent sheen is very flattering on lighter skin tones/cooler undertones who may find bronzey shimmers too much for them. It is equally beautiful on the body as it is on the face and also hair too!

See the Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Or Floral in action on my Instagram below. This was part of a paid partnership with the brand with no obligation to re-share.

TOM FORD | Soleil Blanc Shimmering Body Oil

Tom Ford knows how to do fragrance, so you can guarantee their body oils smell incredible too! They leave an incredible glass like shine to the skin and are a go to of mine in summer months or for finishing off glam looks.


Is any glam look really complete without some body shimmer? I love to tie in the glow on my face into my body by applying a body glow to areas such as my collarbones, decollate and tops of shoulders. Worn alone or layered on top of your chosen body cream or oil makes for the ultimate glow.

REFY | Body Glow

This body glow highlight delivers a universally flattering golden bronze glow. It has a moisturising gloss like formula that leaves skin shimmering and moisturised.

PATRICK TA | Major Glow Balm

A product that is hard to come by after going viral recently on TikTok so if you spot it in stock grab it whilst you can!

This unique moisturising glow balm is available in two shades to flatter all skin tones and look equally beautiful on the high points of the face as they do on the body.


Body Products To Prep You For Summer

May 31, 2024

Beauty & Skincare