The colder months are creeping in quick and my skin is already starting to feel the effects of the weather turning. I like to adapt my skincare routine slightly as we enter this time of year as my usual normal to slightly oily skin turns more combination, dry and sensitive. I am all about the hydration and glow so I like to amp it up a little more when my skin naturally starts to become drier. When it’s cold and miserable outside I especially look forward to my evening skincare routine where I can take some time to really delve into some self care!

I wanted to share with you my top 5 products that I consider Skin Saviours for these winter months when my skin starts acting up or I want to add a little luxurious touch to my evening routine.

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ELIZABETH ARDEN | Eight Hour Cream

I’ve recently been struggling with my under eyes and eyelids being dry and sensitive. Not to worry, Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream to the rescue!

This has been a staple in my bathroom cabinet and my pro kit for years due to its multitasking and endless uses. I’ve been applying a generous layer to my under eyes and eyelids and it has helped heal my dry areas whilst allowing my makeup to apply more seamlessly.

REN | Overnight Recovery Balm

When my skin is craving that extra nourishment or is feeling more sensitive or compromised this is what I reach for. It is an overnight recovery balm that hydrates and nourishes whilst you sleep. You may have seen the ‘slugging’ trend on your TikTok for you page – think this but it melts into a silky oil that absorbs quickly into skin.

I find it really helps to calm any redness or irritated skin and leaves a beautiful glow and softness to the skin in the morning.

RHODE | Glazing Milk

I really like to layer up my skincare with a key focus on gentle, nourishing and hydrating products. Applying an essence at the start of your routine really sets your skin up for the best absorption.

I have spoken about this product before in my Best In Beauty June post. I have since been reaching for this most days. The lightweight milky texture boosts barrier function and provides an immediate luminous hydration. I find that it helps calm and prep skin for the rest of your routine.

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ELEMIS | Dynamic Resurfacing Pads

I find that my skin requires more exfoliating in winter months so that my makeup doesn’t cling to dry areas, especially around my nose. I like to use a combination of gentle chemical and physical exfoliating on rotation depending on what my skin requires.

I love using the Elemis resurfacing pads every other day as they help exfoliate and improve the look of texture as well as target dark spots and pores.

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ELEMIS | Pro-Collagen Rose Facial Oil 

Introducing a facial oil to your skincare routine during the colder months as the last step in your routine to lock everything in always feels that little bit more luxurious!

The Elemis facial oils are my favourites as they are lightweight and non-greasy as have a few options available depending on your preference. Not to mention they make me feel like I’m in a luxurious spa!

I will sometimes even add a drop of my chosen oil into my foundation to give a more sheer, dewy look.

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5 Skin Saviours For Winter Months

September 29, 2023

Beauty & Skincare